PointsBet is one of the more interesting sportsbooks to enter the US market with a blend of traditional wagers and its signature form of wagering called PointsBetting that offers customers an experience not found anywhere else.


2 Risk Free Bets Worth up to $1,000

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PointsBet is licensed in Indiana and brings with it a unique form of sports betting not seen anywhere else. In addition to traditional pre-game and in-game wagers, PointsBet Indiana offers a type of wager in which the more you’re right, the more you win.


  • Run by a reputable sports betting company
  • Unique form of betting on offer
  • Very large variety of pre-game wagers
  • Extensive in-play betting markets for every game


  • Easy to lose more than anticipated when betting on points

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PointsBet Info

  • Site: PointsBet
  • Website: www.pointsbet.com
  • Established: 2017
  • Country: Australia
  • Support: Phone, live chat and e-mail
  • Deposit Bonus: $1,000
  • Bonus Code: BUSA

PointsBet looks like a typical sportsbook at first glance. After logging in, users are taken to a standard start page listing sports leagues, highlighted matchups and a list of upcoming in-play betting markets.

Look a little closer, however, and it becomes clear this is not your standard betting site by any stretch. The sheer number of wagers offered for each game may strike you at first, but even that is not what makes this a unique type of sportsbook.

What makes PointsBet unique are its patented PointsBetting markets. The basic idea with PointsBetting is you get to choose an amount to wager per point and get paid more the more you’re right.

If you bet $1 per point on the over in a totals market, for example, you would win $20 if the actual game total ends up being 20 points higher than the posted total. Of course, this cuts both ways. Get it wrong and you’ll be the one paying up.

We’ll explain in more detail how it works below, but let’s start with a quick overview of PointsBet Indiana.

Quick Reference:

  • Visit PointsBet Online at: in.pointsbet.com
  • Mobile App Available for: iOS and Android
  • Indiana Licensing Status: Licensed
  • Can I bet on Indiana college games at PointsBet? Yes. Indiana law does not prohibit wagers on college games.
  • Who’s allowed to bet with PointsBet Indiana? Customers 21+ and physically located within state lines are welcome to bet with PointsBet. You do not need to be a state resident – visitors are also welcome.

PointsBetting Explained

If nothing else, any PointsBet review must provide a clear explanation of the PointsBetting model. This is critical because it is a form of betting not seen before in the United States and the way it works is not intuitive at first glance.

However, you’ll find it is actually a fairly straightforward form of wagering that adds a whole new level of strategy and excitement to sports betting. It can also be riskier than traditional sports wagering if you’re not careful, so it is good to have a clear understanding of how PointsBet works.

First, we should note PointsBet offers a full menu of traditional sports betting. If you have no interest in PointsBetting, you can still place regular wagers on all the major sports of the world.

The basic concept behind PointsBetting is to pick an outcome, choose an amount to wager per point and then receive a payout that is sized according to how right you are.

For example:

  • If your wager wins by 1 point, you win 1x your bet amount
  • If your wager wins by 5 points, you win 5x your bet amount
  • If your wager loses by 1 point, you lose 1x your bet amount
  • If your wager loses by 5 points, you lose 5x your bet amount

Sports fans beware: this means you can lose more than your original bet. However, you can also set limits for each bet ahead of time so you will always know the maximum possible downside.

A Simple Example

Imagine an NFL total that has been set at 35 points.

Now, imagine taking the over at $1 per point.

If the final score is 40 points, you win a $5 payout.

If the final score is 30 points, you suffer a $5 loss.

A Second Example

Imagine a college football game with the Wisconsin line set at -5.

You bet on Wisconsin at $10 per point.

Wisconsin must cover the spread by winning this game by at least five points, just like a normal wager.

The difference is that how much you win or lose is determined by the number of points by which Wisconsin covers the spread or fails to cover.

If Wisconsin goes on to win the game by 10 points, you will be paid $10 for every point by which it covered. In this case, your payout would be $50 because Wisconsin covered the spread by five.

If Wisconsin wins the game by three points, you would lose $20 because it missed the spread by two points.

The PointsBetting model can be applied to wagers of all types in this manner. Point totals and spreads are obvious examples, but PointsBetting wagers can also be made on player props involving stats such as passing yards in an NFL game, points scored by a player in an NBA game and so on.

The PointsBet.com Approach to Sports Betting

PointsBet tends to take a unique approach to the sports betting business in general, not just with its PointsBetting concept. As a relatively new entrant in the already competitive US market, PointsBet has taken a number of steps to establish its name in front of players.

Good Karma Kommittee

PointsBet officially introduced the Good Karma Kommittee in 2019 in response to the NFL’s horribly botched pass interference no-call in the NFC Championship Game between the Saints and Rams that resulted in the Rams going to the Super Bowl.

As it was widely reported at the time, PointsBet refunded all point spread and moneyline wagers on the Saints with bonus cash. PointsBet called it a Good Karma payout and established the Good Karma Kommittee to refund customers in special circumstances.

The Good Karma Kommittee has sprung into action numerous times since then, including a refund on the Duke vs. UNC game that saw Zion Williamson play just 33 seconds before leaving the game with a sprained knee.

Later, PointsBet took the Good Karma Kommittee one step further with the introduction of Personal Good Karma Payouts. Each month, PointsBet customers who place 10 or more bets may select one loss to be refunded with up to $100 in free bets.

Sharp Bettors Welcome

Another thing PointsBet does differently is welcome action from sharp bettors. While most sportsbooks will quickly restrict a customer seen as too savvy and therefore a risk to the sportsbook, PointsBet welcomes sharp bettors.

Here’s PointsBet CEO Johnny Aitken on accommodating sharps:

“I’ve been noticing the European approach of banning clients in the market. So, one way we want to differentiate ourselves in the market is by accommodating all our clients, even sharp ones. You can use those sharp clients as a guide to where the line is going and they’re also advocates for the brand. It helps with trust and credibility. We don’t want to be the promo-heavy operator that bans everyone. We want to be a heavy-hitter that finds a way to accommodate everyone.”

To that end, PointsBet introduced the $10,000 Game Day Guarantee promising to honor minimum bet-to-win amounts of $10,000 for all customers on gameday for all MLB games, all NBA and NHL playoff games and the full NFL season for moneyline and spread bets.

PointsBet Indiana Bonus

2 Risk-Free Bets Worth up to $1,000

PointsBet offers all new customers a pair of $500 risk-free wagers worth up to $1,000 in total.

First is a refund guarantee on your first PointsBetting wager. If your first PointsBetting wager loses, PointsBet will refund it with an equal amount in bonus cash.

Second is a refund guarantee on your first fixed-odds wager. If that one loses, it too will be refunded with up to $500 in bonus cash.

Other PointsBet Promotions

PointsBet is a bonus-heavy sportsbook with a long lineup of new promos introduced throughout the year.

The exact list of promotions changes regularly, but below are examples of the types of promos that were on offer at the time of this review.

  • $1 for Every Ace During the US Open: During the latest tennis US Open tournament, PointsBet offered a bonus payout of $1 in site credit for every ace your player achieved if you placed a minimum spread bet of $50 on an individual player.
  • $6 for Every TD Your Team Scores: During the last college football season, PointsBet offered a bonus payout of $6 for every touchdown scored by your team in select games if you wagered $100 or more on the moneyline.
  • First TD = Instant Win: In this promotion, PointsBet selected certain NFL preseason games and offered to instantly pay out your moneyline wagers if your team scored the first TD (first $50 staked).
  • $25 Bonus for Mets vs Phillies: PointsBet picked a recent Mets vs. Phillies game and gave all customers a $25 MLB bonus bet if they placed a $5 or higher wager on any PointsBetting market for the game.
  • PointsBetting Bailout: PointsBet recently picked select college football games and gave all customers the option to place PointsBetting spread bet wagers on the game with a 50x max win, 10x max loss limit. This means customers stood to win up to 50 times their original wager with a maximum downside of 10 times their original wager.
  • English Premier League Early Payout: Another recent PointsBet promotion promised to instantly pay out your pre-game wagers on English Premier League matches if your team got up by two goals at any point (first $200 staked).
  • MLB Early Payout: Similar deal here, but for specific teams. If you backed the Yankees, Mets, Phillies, Dodgers or Red Sox during this promotion, PointsBet would pay off your wager early (first $100 staked) if your team got ahead by three runs at any point.
  • $20 Bonus for Every Home Run: During this promotion, PointsBet picked certain teams and players and paid a $20 bonus for every home run hit by those players if you backed their team with a pre-game moneyline.
  • Double Parlay Payouts: If you placed a $25+ parlay with 4 legs or more during this promotion, PointsBet paid double your winnings in bonus bets for up to $200.
  • NFL and CFB Loyalty Programs: During the latest college and pro football seasons, PointsBet instituted a simple loyalty program that paid a $100 bonus bet after your first 25 wagers, a $200 bonus bet after 50 wagers, a $300 bonus bet after 75 wagers and a $500 bonus bet after 100 wagers.
  • Refer-a-Friend Program: If you refer a friend who deposits at least $50, you’ll both be paid $50 in bonus funds.
  • Daily Player and Parlay Booster Odds: Each day, PointsBet selects certain wagers and boosts the odds just for fun. A player who was previously priced at +100 to achieve a certain milestone, for example, might be boosted to +150 during this promo. You can check the “boosters” tab from the main navigation menu each day to see which wagers have been given enhanced odds.

This is admittedly a long list of promotions and many will be outdated by the time you see this review, but the main takeaway here is that PointsBet is heavily invested in promotions and there is always something new on offer. Also keep an eye out for PointsBet promos offered in conjunction with NBC Sports broadcasts and websites now that PointsBet has a $500 million deal in place with NBC Universal.

PointsBet Mobile App Review

The PointsBet mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices. You can find it in the App Store for iPhones or by heading to PointsBet.com for the Android download.

PointsBet technology is all designed in-house, so you will not find other betting apps quite like this one. That being said, the PointsBet mobile app conforms to industry standards of navigation – you’ll find a navigation menu for the various sports, a main sports betting area listing all open markets and tabs to manage your pending wagers, visit your account area and so on.

In general, the PointsBet app is in line with the industry average when it comes to functionality and reliability. The interface is quick to respond to button taps and everything is organized in a logical manner that makes navigation easy.

In-play, pre-game and PointsBetting wagers are all available through the mobile app and PointsBet provides live updates for all in-play markets.

Mobile App Screenshots

PointsBet Indiana Website

In other states, Indiana accepts wagers through its mobile app and website alike. Customers can head over to IN.PointsBet.com to place wagers from any desktop or mobile device.

The website mirrors the mobile app in many ways, including in offering exactly the same range of wager types, promotions and overall styling.

One thing that could improve on the website and mobile app alike is the amount of information given to customers during in-play betting events. While some of the other big betting sites provide extensive real time stats, the PointsBet website only shows some basic scoring and time remaining information.

Website Screenshots:

Types of Wagers Available at PointsBet

In addition to extensive PointsBetting wagers, PointsBet also boasts a large selection of standard sports bets such as:

  • In-play betting
  • Moneylines
  • Point spreads
  • Totals
  • Alternate lines / alternate totals
  • First half and second half markets
  • Doubles (pick the winner at half time + the winner at full time)
  • Player props
  • Team props
  • Game props

Sports covered by PointsBet:

Football (NFL, NCAA)Basketball (NBA, WNBA, NCAA, International)Hockey (NHL, International)
Baseball (MLB, AAA, Mexico)Soccer (MLS, UEFA, EPL and many other international leagues)Tennis (ATP, WTA)
MMA (UFC)Golf (PGA)Boxing
Aussie RulesCricketCycling
DartsEntertainmentMotor Racing (Formula 1)
Rugby Union  

In-Play Betting Review

PointsBet provides a high volume of in-play betting markets on US and international sports. This includes live betting on NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL games along with tennis, soccer and other events depending on the season.

Each event is covered with a decent range of bet-types such as standard pre-game wagers with live odds, player props and short-term wagers such as who will score the next point. Overall, the PointsBet in-play betting experience is on par with that of other major sportsbooks in the US.

Certain in-play wagers also come with an early cashout option, which allows you to close your bet early at a reduced payout in order to lock in your winnings or to limit your losses. For example, if you place an in-play wager for the Mets to beat the Cubs at the top of the third when they’re up to five, you may choose to close that wager at the bottom of the seventh if it looks like the Cubs are mounting a comeback.

PointsBet Deposit Methods

PointsBet launched in Indiana with just a single deposit method, but more should be added soon:

  • Online Banking: If your bank has an online banking feature, you can use your existing login information to authorize a PointsBet deposit. Select this method, choose your bank, choose an amount to deposit and then authorize the transfer by logging in with your online banking info. At no point do you have to provide a card number or bank account number.

Other deposit methods likely to come online in the near future include:

  • PointsBet Mastercard: The PointsBet Mastercard offers instant funding through a virtual debit card that you can load with a credit card, debit card or bank transfer. From there, you can forward the funds to your PointsBet account. You will also receive a physical card in the mail later that can be used for ATM withdrawals and purchases.
  • PayNearMe: Select this method to fund your account with actual cash. You will be given a barcode that can be sent to your smartphone or printed off at home. Take the barcode to your nearest PayNearMe location, pay with cash and your PointsBet account will be credited nearly instantly.
  • ACH / eCheck: Select this option to move money from your checking account to your PointsBet account. You’ll need your checking number, routing number and some money to deposit. This option serves as a handy workaround if your bank automatically blocks all transactions related to online gambling.
  • Credit and Debit Card: PointsBet accepts Visa and Mastercard for instant deposits. This option is fast and convenient, but some banks still have policies in place blocking deposits to all betting sites. If this happens, consider an ACH/eCheck deposit or the PointsBet Mastercard.
  • PayPal: The world’s most trusted e-wallet, PayPal allows customers to make deposits and receive payouts through a central and secure electronic wallet.