The first interaction of any consequence you have with a new mobile sportsbook is funding your account for the first time. Ideally, making a deposit is a fast and simple experience so you can quickly move on to the fun part: placing wagers and winning money.

Easy Deposit Sportsbooks in Indiana

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Mobile sportsbooks in Indiana accept a wide range of deposit methods that run the gamut from instant debit and credit card deposits to in-person cash deposits. In most cases, making a deposit through a mobile betting app is no different than making any other type of purchase online.

On this page, we will begin with a quick overview of which betting sites accept which deposit methods and continue below with a full rundown of how they all work so you can find the option that works best for you. Whether you have cash, credit or money in the bank, there is an option to suit your needs.

  • Credit and debit cards (Visa and Mastercard)
  • Play+ prepaid card
  • ACH / eCheck
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Wire transfer
  • Credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard and Discover
  • Play+ prepaid card
  • PayNearMe (cash)
  • Credit and debit cards (Visa and Mastercard)
  • Play+ prepaid card
  • ACH / eCheck
  • PayPal


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Indiana Gaming Commission on Deposits

The Indiana Gaming Commission (IGC) regulates the types of deposit methods licensed betting sites may accept. Additionally, the Commission requires all mobile sportsbooks to provide “easy and obvious” methods to impose deposit limits, wagering limits and time-based limitations.

Page 23 of IGC regulations lays out the rules that govern licensed betting providers when it comes to payments:

A patron’s sports wagering account for sports wagering may be funded through the use of:

  • A patron’s credit or debit card;
  • A patron’s deposit of cash or vouchers at a cashiering location approved by the executive director or executive director’s designee;
  • A patron’s reloadable prepaid card, which has been verified as being issued to the patron and is non-transferable;
  • Promotional credit;
  • Winnings;
  • Adjustments made by the sports wagering operator with documented notification to the patron;
  • ACH transfer, provided that the operator has security measures and controls to prevent ACH fraud regarding failed ACH deposits;
  • Wire transfer; or
  • Any other means approved by the commission

Numbers 1-8 cover the most common deposit methods that are accepted by mobile sportsbooks in other states while number 9 leaves the door open for the IGC to approve additional options as needed.

To date, Indiana betting sites have launched with some or all of the following deposit methods.

Debit and Credit Card Deposits in Indiana

Debit and credit card deposits are accepted across the board by Indiana’s licensed online sportsbooks and are processed instantly. The mechanics of making a deposit via credit or debit card are basically the same as making a purchase at Amazon or any other online retailer:

  1. Log in to your online betting account
  2. Visit the deposits page
  3. Select credit or debit
  4. Provide your card number, security code and expiration date
  5. Type in an amount to deposit
  6. Tap the “confirm” button

There are three important things to keep in mind when it comes to depositing with a debit or credit card for online betting purposes.

First, not all mobile sportsbooks accept all credit card brands. Visa and Mastercard are accepted by default at all betting sites. Discover and American Express have been a bit slower to get on board and are only recently starting to work with online gaming providers in the US.

Second, some banks treat credit card payments to gambling sites as cash advances and charge a fee for doing so. Licensed sportsbooks in Indiana do not charge fees for credit or debit card deposits, but there is a chance your bank will. This not the case for all banks, though so it may be wise to call your bank and ask if they will charge an additional fee for using your card to bet on sports.

Third, some issuing banks still block all deposits to online betting sites as a blanket policy. If your deposit via debit or credit card is declined for no discernable reason, it could be because your bank does not process transactions related to online gaming. These types of policies are a relic of a piece of federal legislation called the UIGEA that was passed in 2008 in an effort to cut off the money supply to unlicensed offshore gambling sites.

If you have problems depositing with a credit card or debit card, there are two things you can do. One is to contact your sportsbook’s customer support team to see if they can find a workaround for you. The other is to try a different deposit method such as ACH transfers, which move money from your bank account to your betting account without involving your debit card at all.


  • Convenient: This is a fast and easy-to-use deposit method that should be familiar to anyone who has made an online purchase in the past
  • Fast: Debit and credit card deposits are processed instantly
  • Flexible limits: Deposit limits vary by sportsbook, but generally you can deposit anywhere from a few dollars to thousands


  • Declined deposits: Some issuing banks still refuse to process transactions related to online gambling, leading to declined deposits
  • Not all brands accepted: Visa and Mastercard are accepted by all online sportsbooks but Discover and Mastercard are hit-or-miss

Play+ Prepaid Card

The Play+ prepaid card has emerged as a popular deposit method in states with legal online sports betting thanks to its convenience and flexibility.

Play+ is part debit card, part e-wallet and allows customers to make instant online deposits, request withdrawals, withdraw cash at ATMs and make purchases in the real world. In short, there are many pros to Play+ and few cons.

Each mobile sportsbook that accepts Play+ brands it under its own name but it works the same wherever you bet. For example, BetRivers calls it the BetRivers Play+ Card while FanDuel calls it the FanDuel Prepaid Card – both work in the exact same manner.

Instant Online Deposits

You can sign up for a Play+ card online by logging in to your sports betting account and selecting it from the list of available deposit methods. A physical prepaid card will be mailed to you at this point, but you can still make an instant online deposit using your Play+ account at this time so there’s no delay in getting started.

In this manner, Play+ works like an e-wallet in a fashion similar to PayPal. You can fund your Play+ account with Visa or Mastercard on the same day you apply to fund your betting account. You will also be able to fund your Play+ account via ACH (online bank transfer) after receiving your physical card in the mail.

Using Your Physical Play+ Card

After you receive your physical card in the mail, you can use it to withdraw cash at ATMs and make purchases anywhere Discover is accepted. The physical card is tied to your Play+ balance, which makes it easy to withdraw winnings from your sportsbook and then immediately get cash at an ATM or to make real-world purchases.

Play+ Deposit Limits

Play+ sets maximum daily, weekly and monthly deposit limits for customers as follows:

Standard Users  
VIP Users  


  • Instant: You can fund your online betting account on the same day you sign up for a Play+ card; there is no need to wait for the physical card in the mail
  • High acceptance rate: Play+ caters to the regulated online gambling industry and deposits made via this method are almost always successful
  • Workaround for declined cards: If your bank blocked your credit card deposit, you can use that same card to fund your Play+ account to get around the block
  • Cash withdrawals: You can withdraw sportsbook winnings to your Play+ card instantly and then visit an ATM to claim your winnings in cash
  • Supports in-person purchases: You can withdraw winnings to your Play+ card and then use that to make purchases in the real world wherever Discover is accepted
  • Prepaid: Deposits to betting sites are limited by the amount of money you have uploaded to your Play+ account which limits overspending


  • Separate account: Signing up for a Play+ account means you’ll have another login and password to remember
  • Wait for physical card: Although you can use your Play+ account instantly, you will have to wait about 10-14 days for the physical card to arrive in the mail

ACH / eCheck Deposits

ACH deposits, also referred to as eCheck or online bank transfer deposits, work by sending money from your checking account to your sportsbook account with no middleman. This same-day deposit method is fast, convenient and is especially recommended for anyone who has had trouble depositing with a credit or debit card.

Indiana Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations require the name on your bank account to match the name on your betting account. As long as that is the case, all you’ll need are your checking account and routing numbers.

ACH comes highly recommended as a deposit method, especially for users who have had issues with credit card deposits. Most online banking deposits are credited to your betting account instantly, but it may be a few days before the funds are withdrawn from your checking account.


  • High acceptance rate: ACH / eCheck deposits are rarely declined; useful if your credit or debit card deposit was declined
  • No middleman: Funds are transferred straight from your bank account to your betting account; no third-party accounts to manage or passwords to remember
  • Instant: Deposits are instantly credited to your sportsbook account


  • Must have a checking account: ACH and eCheck deposits are only available if you have a checking account
  • Account debit delay: While your sportsbook account will be credited instantly, it may be a few days before the funds are debited from your checking account

PayPal Deposits in Indiana

PayPal is the most recognized and widely-used e-wallet service in the United States. You can use your existing PayPal account or sign up for one for free at and use that to transfer funds to your mobile sportsbook account.

PayPal deposits are credited instantly and you also get the peace of mind that comes with not having to share your personal banking details with every betting site you try. After selecting PayPal as your deposit method, you’ll be redirected to a secure page where you simply log in to PayPal to confirm the deposit.

You can fund your PayPal account with a credit card, debit card or online bank transfer. PayPal also comes in handy if your bank blocks credit/debit card deposits to gaming sites.


  • Enhanced security: Depositing with PayPal does not require you to share your credit card, debit card or checking account number with your sportsbook
  • Fast deposits: Deposits made with PayPal are processed instantly or nearly instantly
  • Workaround for declined deposits: PayPal is a reliable workaround for bettors who have had their credit or debit card deposits declined by banks that do not process transactions related to online gambling


  • Separate account to manage: PayPal is an independent service, which means you’ll have yet another username and password to remember
  • Fees: PayPal is free for customers in most instances, but there is a 1% fee (up to $10) if you request an instant transfer from PayPal back to your debit card or bank account. This fee can be avoided by choosing a standard transfer from PayPal to your linked bank account.


Skrill, formerly known as Moneybookers, is based on a similar premise as PayPal. You can sign up for an account at and then fund your Skrill account via bank transfer, Visa or Mastercard for free. From there, you can send the money to your online betting account at no cost.


  • Fast: Skrill is a fast service, both for deposits and withdrawals
  • Free: Skrill costs nothing to use as a customer; it is free to upload funds to your Skrill account, free to transfer funds to your sportsbook account and free to withdraw via bank transfer
  • Private: When you use Skrill to make a deposit, your personal banking details (card number, account number, etc.) are not shared with your sportsbook


  • Not widely accepted: Only a handful of betting sites in the US accept Skrill as a deposit method


PayNearMe is the industry’s go-to deposit method for customers who prefer to use cash. Whether you don’t have a bank account or just have a wad of cash burning a hole in your pocket, PayNearMe is the way to go if you want to turn that cash into online betting funds.

If you log in to your account and choose this method, your mobile sportsbook will ask you to choose an amount to deposit and generate a pay slip. You can either print the pay slip at home or save it to your smartphone and then take it to your nearest PayNearMe location to pay with cash.

Typical PayNearMe locations include 7-Eleven, Family Dollar, CVS and Ace Cash Express outlets. Once you find the location nearest you, take your pay slip in-person to pay with cash. Your sportsbook will credit your account within minutes.

Using Bonus Codes with PayNearMe

If you have a bonus code and were not asked for it when you signed up for an account, you may be able to retroactively add a code to your deposit after it has been made.

For example, BetRivers Indiana allows you to add bonus codes to past deposits by logging in to your account, visiting the deposit page and scrolling down until you see your latest deposit under “recent transactions.”

Next to your most recent deposit, you can tap the “add code” link to enter any promo code you would like to apply to that deposit.

BetRivers bonus code


  • Can use cash to deposit: PayNearMe is the only widely accepted deposit method that can be used to fund a mobile betting account with physical currency
  • Enhanced privacy: Paying with PayNearMe does not require you to divulge your personal banking details or even sign up with a third-party service such as PayPal
  • No bank account necessary: If you don’t have a bank account, PayNearMe is the answer


  • In-person visit required: PayNearMe is not as convenient as the other online payment options described on this page; you actually have to get up and visit the nearest location in person
  • Limited maximum deposits: PayNearMe limits deposits to $500 per day and $10,000 per 30-day period

Wire Transfer

Wire transfers have mostly fallen out of favor for more convenient methods, but bettors who need to make very large deposits may find this option useful as a way to limit fees and avoid the maximum transaction limits imposed by other methods. Wire transfers also work well for customers who for whatever reason are unable to deposit via credit card, eCheck or PayPal.

If you choose wire transfer as your deposit method, your sportsbook will give you all the information you need to initiate the transfer at your bank. This will include the receiving bank name, receiving bank account name, receiving bank account number and routing number.

Wire transfers may take a couple days to process and are only processed on weekdays. Sportsbooks usually enforce a minimum limit via wire transfer in the range of $100 but may offer to refund any fees charged by your bank. If you plan on making an extra-large deposit, it would not be a bad idea to contact your sportsbook’s customer support people and let them know you want to make a large deposit.


  • Large deposit limits: Wire transfers are best for deposits that would exceed the maximum limits imposed by other deposit methods
  • Enhanced privacy: Wire transfers send money straight from your bank account to a bank account held by your sportsbook


  • Fees: Your bank will likely charge a fixed fee for sending a wire and your sportsbook may or may not refund that fee
  • Inconvenient: Some banks allow you to initiate wire transfers online, but many still require an in-person visit to initiate the transfer – especially for larger amounts
  • Slow: While other deposit methods are processed nearly instantly, bank wires can take a couple days to show up in your betting account

How to Withdraw Your Winnings

The only thing better than winning a sports bet is cashing out your winnings and putting that hard-earned money in the bank. Whether it’s luck, skill or maybe a little bit of both, running up a big balance and initiating a withdrawal is a very good feeling.

When it’s time to cash out your winnings, you have several options to claim your cash. One of the nicest things about doing business with sportsbooks licensed in Indiana is you know you will always be paid when you win. It’s just a matter of choosing the option that works best for you and waiting a day or two to collect your funds.

ACH / eCheck Withdrawals

This is the most convenient method for most users because the money is sent straight to your bank account. You can ask for an eCheck withdrawal by logging in to your account, visiting the cashier and selecting eCheck or ACH as your withdrawal method.

You’ll need to provide your routing number and checking account number to get things started. After you request the withdrawal, you should see your funds within 3-5 business days.


  • Simple: If you have a checking account, ACH withdrawals are very simple and the money is sent straight to your bank account for safekeeping


  • Slow: ACH withdrawals can take up to 5 business days, which could work out to a full week

Play+ Prepaid Card

If you have previously deposited with your Play+ prepaid card, you can also request withdrawals be credited to your prepaid card account.

Withdrawals are usually processed within 12 hours and then you can either visit an ATM to withdraw your winnings in cash, go shopping anywhere Discover is accepted or request Play+ to send the money to your bank account. Note that your withdrawal options may vary depending on which sportsbook you’re using.


  • Fast: Play+ withdrawals are usually processed within 12 hours
  • Can withdraw winnings as cash: After you transfer funds from your betting account to your Play+ account, you can visit the nearest ATM to claim your winnings in cash


  • Cash withdrawals limited: Play+ limits ATM cash withdrawals to $500 per day for standard users and $1,000 per day for VIP users
  • Variable fees: Play+ is not horribly expensive, but each sportsbook has a degree of freedom in determining the fees it charges for using Play+


PayPal is offered as a withdrawal method if you have previously used your PayPal account to make a deposit. Withdrawal requests are processed within a day or two and then the funds are credited to your PayPal account. From there, you can withdraw funds from PayPal to your bank account or go shopping online anywhere PayPal is accepted.


  • Simple: Moving money from your betting account to PayPal is as simple as logging in to your sportsbook, selecting PayPal and confirming the e-mail address associated with your PayPal account
  • Fast: PayPal withdrawals are fairly fast from start to finish


  • Not always an option: Not all sportsbooks support PayPal and those that do require a successful PayPal deposit before offering it as a withdrawal method

Paper Check in the Mail

If all else fails, you can usually request your winnings be sent to you via paper check by mail. Electronic withdrawal methods such as eChecks, PayPal and prepaid cards are all much faster and should be considered first. If those don’t work for you for some reason, the paper check will get the job done.


  • Large limits: Most sportsbooks are willing to send large withdrawals via check


  • Slow: A paper check can take upwards of two weeks to show up at your door
  • Stressful wait: If you request a large withdrawal via paper check, it is a bit disconcerting to wait all that time knowing you have a large sum of money slowly making its way through the mail system