BetIndiana is an upcoming mobile sportsbook geared specifically toward Hoosier State residents as the name suggests. Although no launch date has been announced as of today, displays a simple “coming soon” message on its homepage indicating it won’t be too much longer.


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BetIndiana is an upcoming mobile sportsbook run by USA Sports Gaming LLC in partnership with Majestic Star Casino. Today’s BetIndiana review details what we know so far at this early stage.


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BetIndiana Info

Details on how exactly BetIndiana will work are limited at this time but we do have some basic information to go on based on a press release issued in October 2019. In that press release, BetIndiana explained it has an agreement in place with Majestic Star Casino parent company Spectacle Entertainment to launch a retail sports lounge and mobile betting.

In January 2020, BetIndiana received a conditional license from the Indiana Gaming Commission. Based on the launches of other mobile betting sites in Indiana, the next and final step for BetIndiana is to receive authorization from the IGC to take its product live. It will not be much longer before BetIndiana is open for business in the Hoosier state.

We have managed to learn a bit more since the announcement, however, and will share what we know and speculate just a bet to provide an early BetIndiana review / preview. After BetIndiana launches, we will revisit this page and fill in all the missing details so you can decide if this is the right mobile sportsbook for you.

In the meantime, our Indiana readers can visit any of the other betting sites that are now fully operational. BetRivers, DraftKings and FanDuel are all licensed in Indiana and each is run by a reputable company.

We should also note BetIndiana has no relation to We registered and launched this domain well before the announcement that BetIndiana plans to offer sports betting in the Hoosier State. BetIndiana is an actual sports betting operator; is an information website covering all things gambling in Indiana.

BetIndiana Mobile Sports Betting Plans

According to its October 2019 press release, BetIndiana will launch in the Hoosier State soon pending regulatory approval. Gaining that approval can be broadly broken down into a four-step process:

  • BetIndiana must find a land-based casino partner (done)
  • Majestic Star Casino must acquire a sports wagering license (done)
  • BetIndiana parent company USA Sports Gaming LLC must acquire a sports wagering vendor license (not done)
  • BetIndiana must receive a mobile go live authorization order (not done)

The fact that BetIndiana and Majestic Star Casino have a partnership agreement in place indicates BetIndiana will likely have little trouble applying for a sports wagering vendor license. As a part of forming that partnership, Majestic Star would have done its due diligence on the BetIndiana people and found them qualified.

After that, it will be a matter of getting everything else in place to satisfy the Indiana Gaming Commission that it is ready to go live with online betting.

Judging from the other sportsbooks that have launched in Indiana tonight, BetIndiana will most likely offer mobile apps for iOS and Android in addition to online betting at for desktop users.

Retail Sportsbook Plans

USA Sports Gaming says it will also launch a BetIndiana sports lounge at Majestic Star Casino for customers to watch games and place wagers through their mobile devices. It seems as though Majestic Star Casino will not launch a traditional, full-service sportsbook for in-person wagers but will instead offer customers a place to watch games and place mobile wagers if desired.

The timing of the launch remains in question at this point as well. Majestic Star Casino has plans in place to relocate inland and relaunch as Hard Rock Casino.

Spectacle Entertainment recently said it hopes to launch the casino portion of the $300 million project on December 31st, 2020. Construction on a 200-room hotel and parking garage addition is slated to get underway sometime in 2022 or 223.